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What is the significance of the names of your yarns?
All of Curious Creek yarns are named after reserve and game parks all over the continent of Africa. The beauty of African parks and the words of their names led us to choose this theme.

Do you have dye lots?
All of our yarns are hand-painted so we don’t actually have dye lots. Colors can vary within the range, but are never duplicated exactly, adding to what we call Serendipitous Coloring; one of a kind colors that are variations on a theme rather than an exact duplication. This allows each skein of yarn to be harmonious with all others in the same colorway, but each is an individual creative work of art before it ever leaves the dye studio.

What is the process in dying your yarns? Are they treated against moths?
Our yarns are not space dyed, but dyed using a procedure that we have developed called Serendipitous Coloring, most of our yarns will not stripe. Most colorways involve two to three basic colors and depth is added by the interaction of the colors. The yarns are washed, dyed, and then naturally treated to reintroduce lanolin into the fiber and to naturally deter moths. The resulting “hand” of our product is soft and luxurious.

Do the yarns need special handling?
Our current line of yarns are all protein based, ie. wool, silk, mohair and benefit from hand washing in cool water to avoid felting. Our yarn called Serengeti, however, is a 100% Superwash Merino wool that can be machine washed.

Where might I purchase your yarns? Are they only available online?
Curious Creek Fibers is a wholesale yarn company. Our yarns are available in fine hand-knitting shops. The Retailers page lists all of our current stockists. Some of those shops sell our yarns on their websites, and all offer mail order.

What is the minimum amount I may order?
Wholesale order amounts can be found on the Wholesaler Info page. To purchase retail, contact any of the retailers listed on the Retailers page.

Do you have a catalog?
Our website serves as a catalog, and we also have a color book available for wholesale accounts, containing a sample of each yarn in each colorway, as well as knitted samples of each yarn.

Do you have a newsletter that will let me know of new colorways being offered?
We currently do not have a newsletter, but there is a News page on this website that you can check with to find out any new information regarding our products. When new products or colorways are introduced into the line, we always contact our retailers as well.