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A simple observation of the construction of the cheap cellular blinds would make it evident that it is the fabric covering that gets to play a crucial role in the making of the window blinds. In the case of the honeycomb design shades, the fabric forms both the outer layers of material as well as the cellular structured formation that is kept between the two fabric layers. Thus, in essence, it is the right choice of the fabric that gets to decide how the final appearance and function of the cellular styled window blinds.

How To Choose The Right Fabric For Cellular Shades
How To Choose The Right Fabric For Cellular Shades

What is pertinent to note, would be the need to choose the fabric just right so that it does not fall short of the needs of the situation and at the same time not to overdo the fabric requirements either. It is quite common to have folks pick out the more expensive cloth material to have the honeycomb shades done in, and it does have the effect of turning out a rather expensive set of top down bottom up shades but does not provide the best of use of the blinds at any time.

The points to be addressed while picking out the fabric

  • Thickness: There are two ways the thickness of the material plays a part in the construction of the cellular shades. A thicker covering is bound to create a better blackout effect than a thin one, and a thicker outer fabric would provide the much-needed strength to the shades too. This is not a trivial matter as large blinds need the supporting ability provided by thick swathes of cloth.
  • Water retention: In some areas in a home, it becomes necessary to use the honeycomb structured window blinds where there is a high degree of moisture or humidity. This could possibly be the washrooms and even the kitchens of premises. Here it is essential to choose a fabric type that can withstand the high humidity levels and more importantly does not lose color due to the moisture in the air.
  • Blackout ability: By the blackout factor, it is a measure of the ability of the cellular shades to cut out the light into a room. So if a high degree of the blackout is needed, then a fabric cloth that can provide this sort of shade must be chosen. Often in the case of blackout shades, it is common to customize the amount of light that is shaded out by pricking just the right fabric for the very purpose.
  • Operating system: Most window shades and including the cellular one need to be opened out and shut as would be required. There are principally two modes of working of the window blinds, and they are the cordless type and the corded kind. A heavier fabric can be used more conveniently when using a cordless mode of operation as it would not need the physical exertion brought on by the manual operation of the shades.


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